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Resistance bands

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As we can see in the picture, the clips of the competitor’s bands are connected with just a simple knotted rubber. It may seem reasonable to buy from their bands because of the pricing; however, in the long run, our bands will last longer and will save you money from buying replacement. Our clips are specially designed to ensure you have a safe and fun workout.


All resistance bands are made of professional quality natural latex. Each band is about 1200mm in length. With the 5 different strength bands, you can create more than 20 combinations, meaning that you can adjust the resistance to whatever you like. Resistance bands are widely used. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, resistance bands allow you to perform all kinds of exercises. They are perfect for Yoga, Pilates, muscle toning, strength training, and etc. Moreover, they are light weight, portable and space saving exercise equipments. This set is consisted of 5 resistance bands; each band has a different thickness which can create different levels of tension.


5 Resistance bands 1200mm

·       yellow elastic band (7lbs)

·       green elastic band (13lbs)

·       red elastic band (18lbs)

·       blue elastic band (25lbs)

·       1 black elastic band (30lbs)


·       2 cushioned foam handles

·       2 ankle straps (Clip the bands onto the straps and wrap the straps around your legs for a lower body workout)

·       1 door anchor

·       1 nylon travelling bag

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